Ryanair is cutting off some flights England - Poland

Ryanair is soon cutting 14 routes to and from Poland.

The list of the routes:
* Lodz - East Midlands, Liverpool, Shannon and Stockholm;
* Gdansk - Bristol, Brussels and Liverpool;
* Katowice - Bristol;
* Poznan - East Midlands;
* Szczecin - Birmingham, Bristol, Liverpool and London (Luton);
* Wroclaw - Bournemouth

The flights stop Winter/Spring

Ryanair is also creating 8 new routes:

*Bournemouth - Faro, Limoges, Reus (Barcelona)
*Faro - Bremen, Bournemouth
*Reus - Eindhoven, Bournemouth, Nador, Poznan
*London (Luton) - Limoges

The flights start Spring/Summer

Cruising in Ecuador and Galapagos Islands

Ecuador holidays are perfect for people who love the outdoors and really like to experience Mother Nature at her best. Cruising along the coast and through the famous Galapagos Islands is the best way to see it all. These cruising and sailing holidays offer the chance to see more of Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands from the water, discovering hidden bays and lost channels and then maybe combining it with an on land trip!

From luxury cruises to short island hops in the Galapagos it can all be done, and will allow you to get up close and personal to the all the unique wildlife, the tame sea lions basking in the sun on the beaches and rocks are a favourite!

If you want to see as much as you can there are also sleep aboard trips which are usually a few days long, enabling you to travel to many points around Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands which will enable you to see a lot more, and of course there will be opportunities to go swimming, kayaking and wildlife spotting .

Ecuador and Galapagos holidays never disappoint from wildlife to spectacular scenery, you will never forget the amazing things you will see!

Morocco - Wilderness Adventures

When we think about a Morocco Holiday we usually think bustling cities, bright colours, souks and markets, well you would be right, but Morocco also has a few hidden gems away from the cities all across the country just waiting to be explored.

From the north to south there is so much to see and plenty of tours, follow sparking coastlines or cross deserts by car or by camel. One of Morocco’s biggest features is the Sahara Desert and is a remarkable natural attraction to explore; being the second largest desert in the world after Antarctica it covers most of northern Africa and stretches into Morocco bordering the Atlas Mountains. Naturally this attracts lots of tourists every year and there are many Sahara Desert tours and trips to help you explore this vast area including four wheel driving tours, camel trekking safaris, quad biking and desert walks and trekking.

Another fantastic feature of Morocco are the Atlas Mountains, being the biggest mountain range in North Africa they are hardly hidden away but are vastly unexplored and often just considered a stunning back drop to the bustling city of Marrakesh.

There are actually small but thriving villages in the High Atlas with extremely friendly and hospitable residents offering stylish and traditional Moroccan accommodation, so your Morocco holiday will be filled with genuine Moroccan culture. If you are not staying in the High Atlas there are plenty of tours and trips in which you can explore the mountains, in the West and East hiking tours are extremely popular, where as the central High Atlas are popular for rock climbing and trekking.

Whatever you are into a holiday to Morocco exploring its beautiful wilderness will be sure not to disappoint!

The most popular safari destinations in Africa

South Africa is one of the best places on the planet, and the most popular for Safari holidays. Due to its diverse landscape and wildlife, safaris in South Africa are truly memorable.

Some of the most popular safari destinations from South Africa include Botswana and Tanzania. Each has their own unique landscape and wildlife. A Safari in South Africa will almost guarantee a sighting of at least one of the big five. A safari in Botswana is a once in a life time chance and truly unique as Botswana is one of the few countries in Africa that has set aside 17% of untouched wilderness for national parks and game reserves which will allow you to have an incredible foresight into what Botswana has to offer! National Parks and reserves in Botswana include Chobe National Park, Khama Rhino Sanctuary, Central Kalahari Game Reserve and many, many more!

Tanzania safaris are different but are still something special, as Tanzania is one of Africa’s largest and most diverse countries. A safari in Tanzania will allow you to explore the open plains of the Serengeti or the famous Mount Kilimanjaro.

Tanzania is also the only country in the world to have allocated 25% of its total area to national parks and protected areas. Tanzania is also home to the biggest single wildlife area in Africa, the Selous Game Reserve which is an absolute must see on a safari in Tanzania for the best safari experience in Africa!

Dive in Egypt and see some unspoilt hidden treasures in the Red Sea

Egypt diving holidays are truly memorable as Egypt offers some of the best dive sites in the world. You can do reef dives, walls and wreck diving, so depending on your experience and preference the choice is yours!

Diving is a serious business in Egypt as it brings the country a lot of tourists and money every year. As this is such a precious tool for the regions’ tourism its future has to be protected along with the reefs that line the seabed, which is why many parts of the Red Sea have been turned into protected marine parks. All the money charged to see these marine parks goes back into preserving them.

If you want to dive in Egypt you will have to decide which part you want to see as there are several places along the Red Sea Coast to explore and all are different. The most popular places to dive in Egypt are Sharm El Sheikh and Hurghada but there are other, quieter, alternatives including Al Quseir, Marsa Alam and Sinai, where you will be able to see some completely unspoilt hidden treasures in the sea!

Diving in Egypt is a truly amazing experience and a must do! All divers experienced or novice will completely fall in love with Egypt and its magical Red Sea!

Galapagos Islands - one of the best places in the world to experience Mother Nature at her best

Ecuador and its Galapagos Islands are only small but are actually regarded as one of the 17 most diverse countries in the world! And the Galapagos Islands are a haven for wildlife inspired by Charles Darwin himself and his theory of evolution.

Ecuador is equally as fascinating with its diverse landscapes, from sandy beaches to the high peaks of the Andes. Being the second smallest country in South America, the first thought is there is not a lot on offer, but quite the opposite: one day you can be walking through the market in Otavalo with its traditional Ecuadorian feel and the next day trekking through Mindo Cloud Forest admiring its beautiful and diverse range of wildlife and plants, in particular the humming birds.

Ecuador holidays are fantastic for a lover of the outdoors trekking through jungles and through the Andes along with other outdoor activities such as horse riding and surfing.

The Galapagos are made up of 14 main islands and over 40 little rocky islands and lay peacefully in the Pacific Ocean one thousand kilometres of the coastline of Ecuador. A nature lovers paradise, the Galapagos Islands are the perfect place to see phenomenal amounts of diverse wildlife up close as they are very tame and used to having people around them.

The Galapagos Islands are also home to the Charles Darwin Research station, which gives a insight as to what wildlife thrive on these islands, including flamingos, penguins, the blue footed booby, giant tortoise, albatrosses and many more. P

erhaps what the Galapagos Islands are most famous for it the diving! Diving in the Galapagos Islands is a truly unique experience where you will be met with friendly seals, turtles, non aggressive sharks, rays and many species of exotic fish.

Both Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands are one of the best places in the world to experience Mother Nature at her best. A holiday to Ecuador can be active and cultural where as a trip to the Galapagos Islands are relaxing and an amazing way to see some of the most diverse ranges of wildlife in the world! So why not do both!

Mount Kilimanjaro - the highest mountain in Africa.

Tanzania is well known for its diverse landscapes, as it stretches from the plains of the Serengeti to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro which couldn’t be more different from each other! A holiday to Tanzania can be whatever you want it to be, or whatever you are into.

Perhaps the most popular and famous feature in Tanzania is Mount Kilimanjaro being one of Africa’s must see wonders there is no wonder it is such a famous attraction. Mount Kilimanjaro is the highest freestanding mountain in the world standing at an impressive 5896 metres high! It is also one of the world’s highest mountains that is accessible to walkers.

Mount Kilimanjaro is the highest mountain in Africa but easily accessible to all levels of climbers, as there are three main routes:
  1. If you are not a confident walker or climber, or you haven’t got a lot of time, the best place to start would be Rongai route, which is a low traffic, relatively easy route.
  2. If you’re fitness level is a bit higher and you have a bit more climbing and walking experience, then the Shira routes are the best for you and for climbers who are confident in their fitness.
  3. For the ultimate trek, for climbers who have the most experience and are extremely fit is the North route. This route is different and really cutting edge and is the best chance you will have to reach the summit.
There are many different types of route, it really does depend on you and what you want to do or what you can manage.

Many travellers say that a trip to Tanzania would not be complete without a tour of Mount Kilimanjaro; this snow caped mountain is a beautiful highlight of this fascinating country.

Kruger National Park - Unforgettable Safari Experience

Kruger National Park is situated in the North East of South Africa, Established in 1898 to protect the South African wildlife it is now one the largest game reserve in South Africa, stretching from the Crocodile River in the south the Limpopo River making it approximately 218 miles long and 41 miles wide with an approximate area of 20000 sq km.

The south of Kruger National Park is the main area to view lions and rhino; it is located between Crocodile River and the Sabie River. It is very dense vegetation here and there are plenty of species of plants and trees dominating the area and also an area of open, grassy plains.

Central Kruger is perhaps the best place for scenery and with its wide open, grassy plains also offers a haven for wildlife. You will find giraffe, zebra, wildebeest, lion, elephant, antelope and cheetah in all different areas of central Kruger.

Northern Kruger is mainly dominated tough and drought resistant forest; there are plenty of species of tree that are well equipped to deal with dry, harsh conditions. These forests are an excellent place to see elephants along with antelope, zebra, buffalo and the biggest bird in the world – the ostrich!

A safari in Kruger National Park will allow you to explore the diverse areas and see a huge range of plants and wildlife with 147 types of mammals, 507 types of birds, 148 types of reptiles and amphibians and over 330 types of trees you are spoilt for choice! Also a world leader in advanced environmental management Kruger National Park is a safe place for wildlife to be appreciated and respected.

Many people choose South Africa and in particular Kruger National Park for their safari holiday as the diversity and range of wildlife and plants you can see is unbelievable. For an amazing South Africa Safari experience you will never forget Kruger National Park is the place to visit!

Marrakesh - the "Red City" in the Africa

Also known as the ‘Red City’ because of the original red clay on the buildings and houses in the city, Marrakesh is Morocco’s most popular tourist destination with visitors returning there for their Morocco holiday every year!

Founded over 1000 years ago in the Almoravid dynasty but was destroyed sometime later, the city was rebuilt by the Almohads in the 12th century which is also when the Koutoubia Mosque and other famous landmarks were built.

There are many reasons why this ancient city is a favourite among so many people as there is so much going on! From the bustling souks the lush gardens there is something for everyone in Marrakesh.

One of the first things you will see and love about Marrakesh is the Dejemaa el Fna, this market is bustling full of Acrobats, fire eaters, snake charmers and many more enchanting features. As you walk through the market place you can soak up the atmosphere of traditional Morocco, smells and sounds you will never forget. North of the Dejemaa el Fna square market you will also find the souks; these are tiny Moroccan shops selling everything from clothes to paintings, everything soaked in traditional Moroccan culture.

Another popular tourist attraction and one of the oldest buildings in Marrakesh is the Koutoubia Mosque, it was built by Sultan Yacoub el Manour and is one of three, and the other two are in Seville and Rabat.

In Marrakesh there are also museums, ancient tombs and lush tropical gardens including the Menora Garden, Agdal Gardens and Oasis Aiea. Not forgetting the famous Atlas Mountains which create a stunning back drop to the city, Marrakesh is also the main gateway for tours and trips to the Atlas Mountains.

A holiday to Marrakesh is a promise that you will be amazed and is one of the few cities in the world where you will find a true sense of culture and natural beauty.

Bangkok - the Asian "City of Angels"

Bangkok was constructed in 1782 and is not only the capital of Thailand but also its largest city and main port. Sometimes known as the ‘City of Angels’ Bangkok is full of surprises, with its many attractions showing of its unique heritage, the fantastic markets and shopping centres along with the vibrant nightlife and so much more, making it a principle destination for most travellers.

Bangkok’s population is close to nine million so when you visit if you want to avoid the crowds and the traffic perhaps the quickest and easiest way to get around is the fantastic, modern public transport including the underground and the amazing sky train, from which you can see how amazing the city really looks.

Bangkok has an interesting blend of old and new, with its giant, modern sky scrapers to the old part of the city with temples and traditional Thai architecture. Bangkok’s temples are an integral part to the city and its heritage and are one of its main attractions. There are many temples in the city which are still in use today; if you visit the temples early in the morning you will see the Monks that live in the temples go about their morning duties dressed in the saffron coloured robes. Some of the main temples to visit in Bangkok include Wat Phra Kaew (The Emerald Buddha), Wat Arun (Temple of Dawn), Wat Traimit (Temple of the Golden Buddha) and many more.

Providing a beautiful insight to Thailand’s rich culture are the palaces, which are an extremely popular tourist attraction. The Grand Palace is the most famous landmark in Bangkok and therefore the most popular tourist attraction too. Tourists often include a trip to see this beautiful palace on their holiday to Thailand, with its stunning, traditional architecture and breathtaking interior decorations no wonder this former home of the Thai King is so popular and a must see attraction.

Along with the palaces and temples there are many more attractions to see on a trip to Bangkok including museums, mansions, waterways and many more, all so impressive and make a holiday to Bangkok a truly unique experience.

Taj Mahal - one the Seven Wonders of the World

Built by The Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan in 1653, the Taj Mahal is one of the most famous buildings in the world and is one the Seven Wonders of the World.

Located in Agra in India the Taj Mahal was built as a monument to the Emperor’s beloved wife Mumtaz Mahal who died giving birth to their fourteenth child. Taking twenty two years and with the hands of 22000 labours what we know as the Taj Mahal was built, enabling Emperor Shah Jahan to for fill a promise to his wife as she lay on her death bed, that he will build the world’s most beautiful monument in honour of her!

The building itself has been built entirely out of white marble, bought in especially from all over Asia costing approximately 32 million rupees which would have been the equivalent of £442000. This fascinating piece of architecture is built with a high boundary wall and at each corner has big octagonal pavilions, but perhaps the most impressive feature is the elegant dome which is 80 ft high and 60 ft wide! The beautiful Taj Mahal with semi precious stone inlaid in to the marble is also the resting place of Mumtaz Mahal and the Emperor Sha Jahan himself.

The Taj Mahal today is open to the public and is one of India’s most popular tourist attractions; many tourists include a trip to the Taj Mahal as part of their holiday to India and many include in a tour of India, including cycling holidays, walking tours and more. This beautiful monument is the ultimate symbol of true love and is a must see tourist attraction!

Egypt – Valley of the Kings

On the West bank of the River Nile lays the Valley of the Kings, not far from Egypt’s ancient capital Luxor.

The Valley of the Kings consist of two sides, the East Valley and the West Valley which is where most of the royal tombs are situated, many of the tombs in the East Valley was mainly for favourite nobles. The East side is the most popular for tourists as it is where you will find the tombs of the Pharaohs.

Evidence suggests that The Valley of the Kings was decided as the resting place over 3500 years ago by the Pharaoh Thuthmosis I with many more to follow, including Ramses IX, Ramses VI, Ramses III, Ramses I, Seti I, Tuthomosis III, Amenhotep (Amenophis) II, Horemheb and many more. The fascinating thing is that archaeologists believe there are still many more undiscovered tombs hidden under the sand!

Perhaps the most famous tomb in the Valley of the Kings is that of Tutankhamen. Although Tutankhamen was a young and not a particularly respected pharaoh in his time, but his tomb is regarded as one of the most important archaeological finds in the world, as when this tomb was discovered in 1922 by Howard Carter it was almost completely intact, unlike all others that had been robbed and left bare. Tutankhamen is also the only pharaoh (that has been discovered) that still resides in the Valley of the Kings, the rest have been moved to museums.

The tombs in the Valley of the Kings really are a key to insight what ancient Egyptian life was like, as they all display paintings and drawings on the tomb walls showing stories and portraits of everyday life.

Today The Valley of the Kings remains one of the biggest tourist attractions in Egypt. Many tourists include a trip to the Valley of the Kings on their holiday to Egypt; whether it’s cruising the Nile or a city break to Luxor, tourists from all over the world make time to see this fascinating insight of ancient Egyptian history!

Australia - Ayers Rock - Second largest monolith in the world!

Ayres Rock (now officially known as Uluru) is located in Australia’s Northern Territory and is its most famous natural landmark. Located in Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park it stands at 986 ft high and 5 miles around, also extending underground 1.5 miles, making it the second largest monolith in the world!

There is archaeological evidence found around the area that suggests that people settled here more than 10000 years ago. There are also Aboriginal paintings and prehistoric art painted on to some of the caves showing vital information such as the location of water. These pictures tell us stories and were painted for many reasons including religious purposes.

Perhaps the most fascinating thing about Uluru is that it changes colour often, due to the light, the atmosphere and water, and in fact in June 2004 it changed from red to violet due to the water falls on the rocks! Uluru is actually the remains or an eroded mountain range made up of a coarse sandstone called Arkose in some places at least 2.5 km thick.

Today around 500,000 tourists visit Uluru every year. Many who visit often take home a piece of the stone as a souvenir, only to return it, as some claim it brings bad luck on them for steeling!
There are many tours around Australia that include a visit to Uluru as it is so popular, this must see natural attraction should be included in any Australia holiday.

Machu Picchu - The most visited attraction in Peru

The most visited attraction in Peru and Perhaps one of the most the most famous attractions in the world, Machu Picchu is a truly mesmerising and unforgettable place!

Machu Picchu is translated into “Old Mountain” and is situated above the Urubamba Valley in Peru, 2400 metres above sea level. Known as “the lost city of the Incas” Machu Picchu was believed to have been built around 1450 at the height of the Inca empire but abandoned only 100 years later before it could be destroyed by the Spanish in their conquest of the Inca empire. It is not known for what reason the city was constructed, and there are many theories, including the traditional birthplace of the Inca people or a spiritual centre, and one suggestion it was even a prison for people who had committed very serious crimes against the Inca people and their empire!

Machu Picchu was claimed to have been rediscovered by the American historian Hiram Bingham in 1911, but there is evidence to suggest that it was discovered long before that by three people who carved their names in some stone with a date of 1901. There are also other claims to suggest it was discovered in 1904 by an engineer seeing it from another mountain and again by climbers in 1906 who actually claim to have climbed right up to the ruins. Perhaps the most fascinating thing about the discovery of Machu Picchu is that perhaps the city was never lost at all, as when Bingham publicised the discovery of the ruins in 1911 there were mummies and even some surviving families still living on the site.

Today Machu Picchu is the most popular tourist attraction in Peru and in 1983 was named as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and in 2007 named as one of the new Seven Wonders of the World! Many people today embark on Machu Picchu tours and trips exploring the ancient city first hand. A Machu Picchu tour for most tourists is the absolute highlight on their holiday to Peru and an experience they will never forget!