Camps International bring relief to Kenyan children

In November last year Camp Kenya, a gap year project undertaken by Camps International, started working with the Chanukeni Children’s Centre founded by the Chanukani woman’s group.

The women’s group strives to provide nutritional, as well as medical support to the children, despite the total lack of resources, no kitchen and no adequate food supplies and catering equipment. The medical support is hampered by both lack of transport and personnel. Camp Kenya’s collaboration with the group is intended to improve services at the centre and to provide extensive support to the children.

Over the first few months Camp Kenya visited the centre a number of times to discuss Camp Kenya’s involvement in rehabilitating the centre and building an entirely new classroom and sanitary facility. The original classroom was a mud walled, makuti roof (thatched) structure, with a dirt floor infested with Jigger worms. Up to 90% of the children are infested with jiggers in their feet and legs, which is extremely painful and if they are not removed or treated can cause severe disabilities.

Monique Baronet from Camps International’s Kenya Office explained “Our first task has been to build the children a new classroom and play area with a concrete floor to alleviate the jigger infestation, we started work on the new classroom toward the end of August 2008, Camp Kenya contracted the work out to a local contractor and the main classroom is now finished and the old classroom demolished.”

“We have also excavated an existing well that sits on the centre’s boundary, the children now have water to drink and wash with.”

A combination of diseases and sickness related to poor hygiene such as diarrhoea, cholera and dysentery are common among the children, it’s our hope to relieve the centre of such diseases, we have constructed a small sanitary unit for both the children and teachers to use. This work has been made possible through people choosing to volunteer on our gap year project.

Camps International were recently won the Best volunteering organisation awarded by Virgin Holidays Responsible Tourism Awards 2008 with

Cycling in India

When you usually think of a holiday to India you don’t always think Immediately India cycling holiday, but in fact cycling holidays in India have become increasingly popular and are a great and responsible way to explore this diverse country.

There are plenty of tours on offer for all abilities and you will find yourself riding through Rajasthani villages, tropical forests or even in the Himalayas! By cycling your way through India you will be able to get a fantastic insight into everyday life as you meet the locals and experience the culture.

In the north of India you will be met with diverse regions and plenty to see, including the bustling capital Delhi along with the Jaipur and Agra. But perhaps the highlight would be a cycle tour through Rajasthan and seeing the mesmerising Taj Mahal!

One of the biggest cycling adventure and challenge you could do is a cycle trip through the Himalayan Kingdom; there are many trails you can take depending on your ability and experience. These cycle tours will take you to explore the low Kathmandu Valley then up to and around the entire Annapurna Massif!

Cycling is made ever more enjoyable when you are able to see some of the world’s most famous and beautiful sites. Whatever level you cycle at there is a cycling holiday in India waiting for you!

Australian Culture

Australia is the sixth largest country in the world so as you can imagine has a huge range of different cultures and landscapes all waiting to be explored!

Cultural tours in Australia are a fantastic experience and include exploring Ayers Rock in the Northern Territory, this huge world heritage site provides evidence that suggests that Aboriginal people have lived there for at least 22,000 years, now there are many walking tours you can do or driving safaris on offer to explore this fascinating area!

There is also plenty of driving tours or safaris you can embark on from Adelaide to Melbourne, Alice Springs to Adelaide or Darwin each tour allows you to see the wonderful scenery that this beautiful country offers learning more about the Australian culture and wilderness on the way, or there are many capes and gorges to explore all over Australia by road, boat or even swimming!

You would need to spend a very long time exploring Australia before you even scratch its surface from rainforests to deserts, four wheel driving tours to mountain treks, camel riding to kayaking it is all here!

Australia tours can all be extremely different and whatever you want to see or explore there is always a tour in Australia for you!

Thailand And Its Beaches

Thailand is famous for many things, but perhaps most famous for is beautiful sandy beaches. They are one of the reasons why thousands of tourists flock to this beautiful country every year! Thailand is host to some of the best tropical hideaways in world and is perfect for those looking for a relaxing get away!

Thailand beach holidays can also offer a lot more than just relaxation, there are plenty of things to do including diving, kayaking and even rock climbing. There are also many tours in Thailand that explore these beautiful beaches and the surrounding areas, touring through towns and cities along the coast and experiencing different cultures.

In the north you are able to visits the hill tribe villages along the stunning coastline, see the people in everyday life and soak up the culture. Or in the south you can sail across mist-shrouded lake and swim in the pristine waters or just lay on the white sands. From here you will be able to see the exotic wildlife that makes this area such a beautiful place!

Whether you want an active holiday, cultural or just a chance to sit back and relax, you will definitely be able to find your perfect beach holiday in Thailand.

Mauritania - Undiscovered North African Gem

Time was when to talk of Mauritania travel would conjure up mental pictures of luxurious trans-Atlantic voyages in the great Cunard liner of that name. That’s a long time ago now and there are probably very few folk alive now, if any, who remember the actual ship even though they may have heard the name.

Like as not a great many of us don’t even realise that Mauritania is actually a real country in the north of West Africa and therein lies a very good reason to go there. It’s off the beaten track of tourism and so travel in Mauritania, whilst not always easy, still brings you into contact with the real country and its people. It has an element of adventure about it that’s so often missing from modern life.

So what’s it like, this North African gem that’s usually described as being in West Africa? Well most of it lies within the Sahara Desert but it’s not land-locked. It’s wild, unspoilt coast is backed by Saharan dune fields on a grandiose scale. Sand is everywhere, not just in the dunes. There are ancient cities well worn by the scouring sand laden winds.

You’ll find incredibly deep canyons and towering plateaus, vast seas of sand bigger than some countries in Europe with numerous delightful oases like islands in the ocean. The Atlantic coast, where sand dunes meet ocean is a magical place. Miles of sandy beaches and nary a resort to be seen, just natural land and sea-scape. It’s likely to stay unspoilt too since most of the coast lies within the Parc National du Banc d’Arguin which incidentally is regarded as one of the finest places in the world for bird watching.

You’ll find plenty of historical interest in Mauritania. A scattering of historic caravan route towns, remind us of the region’s ancient civilisations. In terms of culture, Mauritania stands apart. The people are of either Moorish Arab descent or black African, almost equally divided. It’s a mainly Muslim country with an unmistakeably African touch. It’s an intriguing mix which only adds to Mauritania’s appeal.

If you fancy something active there’s plenty there for you. Trekking of all kinds is available. Camel rides through some of the most surreal landscapes anywhere are another option. Travel in Mauritania doesn’t have to be by camel though. Hot air ballooning is a fantastic way to experience the amazing terrain without having to actually drive over it, except to get back at the end of the flight of course!

So, what do you need to know about Mauritania and whereabouts in North or West Africa is it? Taking the second question first, Mauritania shares borders with Morocco, Mali, Senegal and Algeria. It has a population of only 3 million in a land area of 1,030,700 sq kilometres. The currency is the Ouguiya(UM) and earlier this year one $1US would buy UM226. The principle languages spoken are Hassaniya (A variety of Arabic), French, Fula, Wolof and Soninké. The climate of Mauritania varies between hot in November through to March, and very hot the rest of the year. The capital is Nouakchott.

You may recall the ancient and historic cities mentioned earlier, well Nouakchott is the least ancient of them all. It was built when the country became independent in 1960. It sits five kilometres from the coast and is a sprawling, unplanned sort of place and travellers mostly use it as a staging post on the way to other places.

Unattractive as Nouakchott may seem it does contain several places that are well worth a visit, notably the Port de Pêche. Go in the late afternoon when the fishing boats come in. Then there’ll be hundreds of men in teams dragging in the heavy fishing nets while little boys scurry to and fro carrying trays of fish and sorting, gutting and filleting the fish which they lay out on trestles to dry in the sun. It’s a fantastically lively and colourful experience you really shouldn’t miss.

Then you’ll want to visit the Adrar, the real jewel in the Mauritanian crown. This is the region where you’ll find what appear to be giant sand sculptures which turn out to be huge sand dunes sculpted by the desert winds, lovely oases where you can relax after your travels beneath a Moorish tent.

Located in the Adrar are the ancient caravan towns of Chinguetti and Ouadâne. Chinguetti was the capital of the Moors in ancient times and has buildings dating from the 13th Century. It’s one of those places where you can almost feel the history around you.

There’s so much more to be said about Mauritania but that’s just a taster for you. Travel Mauritania and see for yourself. It’ll be different from anywhere else you’ve been to.

Galapagos - Mysterious Pearl of South America

The Galapagos, the very name sounds exotic and mysterious. This collection of islands lying in the Pacific Ocean some 650 miles from the coast of Ecuador may have been discovered as long ago as 1535 but Galapagos holidays are a quite recent development.

For centuries the Galapagos were generally known only to whalers and sailors, particularly buccaneers and pirates. The islands weren’t colonised for the first time until 1832. The most famous visitor to the islands of course was Charles Darwin in 1835 when the incredible diversity of the flora and fauna inspired the thinking that led to his theories of evolution and his great work on the origins of species.

It’s that same diversity of life to be found on the islands and in the surrounding waters that plays a large part in drawing visitors to the Galapagos today. That and the very remoteness and strangeness of the island group which only add to the fascination. Galapagos travel is usually a matter of cruising between the islands by small ship or yacht once you arrive in the islands.

Cruising the Galapagos is not like taking an ocean cruise in a luxury cruise liner, though the vessels are certainly well appointed. Here you don’t spend long periods at sea you’re constantly landing and exploring the different islands. Naturalist guides travel along with you to make sure you don’t miss anything. On land the first thing that strikes you about the wildlife is the lack of fear of humans. Animals and birds don’t run or fly away from you like they would anywhere else.

Straddling the Equator where three ocean currents meet these islands have been described as a melting pot of marine species. The islands are volcanic in origin and volcanic activity continues in the region. Due in part to these factors and in part to the remoteness of their location the Galapagos are home to several species that you don’t find anywhere else on Earth.

It’s easy to see why Galapagos travel has become so much more popular since the advent of easy long distance air travel brought such remote locations within reach of the ordinary traveller. Galapagos holidays give you the opportunity to meet creatures you’ve only ever read about or seen on the telly. The obvious example is the giant tortoises we’ve all heard of but that’s only one of the wonders of this special place.

Where else in the world would you find penguins and fur seals in the same area as flamingos and tropical fish? The Galapagos provide some of the last habitats left on the planet for sea turtles and waved albatrosses. There are some evolutionary wonders to be found here such as the thirteen species of Darwin’s finches as well as land and marine iguanas and countless seals and no end of other species.

Galapagos holidays are so full of wonder that you’ll get used to being constantly surprised by nature’s oddities like the inflatable frigate birds, flightless cormorants and the comical boobies. You’ll see all of these creatures and not just in ones or twos either. They’re all there in large numbers and they accept your presence among them with such complete indifference and lack of fear. You’ll spend your whole holiday in a state of wonderment!

It’s the same in the sea. If diving or snorkelling is your thing there’s nowhere else in the world where you can indulge in such activities among such amazing company. Dolphins and whales, rays and sea lions join you as you swim over coral reefs and underwater craters teeming with the most incredible variety of marine life.

Along with all this unbelievable wildlife there’s the islands themselves. Galapagos travel takes you to the summits of volcanoes over tortured lava flows, to remote mangroves and pirate hideouts from long ago. You’ll visit dramatic cliffs and coasts and, inland lagoons and highlands with even more rare birds in incredible numbers.

For anyone with a love of the natural world Galapagos holidays will provide a truly amazing experience that will stay with you for the rest of your days. If you have children or grandchildren with whom you want to share your enthusiasm and encourage it in them do take them to this land of magic if you can.

Galapagos travel caters well for children and the wonders of modern travel make the islands accessible from anywhere in the world despite their remoteness. It’s even possible from many parts of the world to go and spend just a week there. Having said that, most of us would want to spend longer than that in such a fascinating corner of the world. It’s probably fair to say that no-one who ever managed to get to the Galapagos has ever regretted going!

Morocco Holidays

Morocco holidays are perfect for those who seek cultural activities, adventure holidays, trips and tours. Situated between in the north of Africa, Morocco is one of the most stimulating and awe-inspiring travel destinations on earth.

Morocco has a great climate, a rich heritage, a wealth of antiquities, over 1800 km of dramatic coastline, with its high peaks and a vast Saharan wilderness of desert dunes. With its rich traditions Morocco is a place for escape, for experience, for adventure, for revitalisation and for reconnection with a lifestyle fast disappearing in the developed world.

For many travellers Marrakech is the main gateway. This fascinating city is getting the attention it has always deserved. Marrakesh holidays are a fantastic Moroccan experience with bustling souks, a plenty of ancient attractions, lush gardens and the fabled medieval square of Djemma el Fna with its acrobats, snake-charmers and musicians. And not to forget the snow-capped peaks of the Atlas Mountains which make a stunning back drop to the city, it is no wonder that many travellers return time and time again for their Morocco holiday.

Ten Amazing Holidays For Families Seeking Adventure

Family holidays don’t have to be boring for any of the family...

Here’s ten adventure holidays taken at random from Addicted to Travel’s current offerings. Any of them would suit an active family with a taste for adventure.

Explore the south west coast of Turkey by jeep and kayak based in the village of Dalyan for a week on the Active Dalyan 8 day holiday. Sleeping at night won’t be a problem after all that activity in the open air.

For a far flung destination try Tasmania. Franklin River Rafting will be an experience you won’t forget in a hurry and for all the right reasons. Far from human habitation you’ll really feel like intrepid explorers.

If want go to Thailand, consider the 14 day, Hill-Tribes, Bridges and Beaches offering. You’ll find plenty of adventure among the dramatic landscapes.

Cruise Egypt for 10 days. A Nile cruise is the finest way to see the sights of Egypt and absorb the culture of this historic land. If a steamer cruise is not adventurous enough for your family you can literally sail the Nile the old fashioned way in a Felucca.

In a different part of the African continent there’s the Gorillas & Game Parks Safari. You need 14 days for this one and you’ll hope to meet the Mountain Gorillas of the Masai Mara.

Perhaps you’d prefer the 12 day Gorillas and Kenya Safari. From Nairobi to Kampala through the northern game parks of Kenya, again aiming to see the rare mountain gorillas in their misty rain forest home.

Activity holidays are great family holidays for the active family. If you’re a cycling family there are great adventure holidays to be enjoyed on bikes. The North India Adventure is a fine example if you’ve got 15 days.

Bike Lycia gives you a 7 night guided tour by bike in Turkey. The bikes are supplied, you don’t have to bring your own!

Andes and The Amazon is a 12 day visit to Peru where you follow the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu and much more besides.

For a shorter visit to Peru look at the Authentic Andean Experience of just 8 days.

Contact Addicted to Travel for full details of any of these amazing family holidays.

Egypt holidays to the land of the Pharaohs

Holidays to Egypt are ideal for those whose idea of a holiday involves rather more than just lazing on a beach in the sun. It’s a reasonable point of view after all you don’t really have to travel thousands of miles across the globe to do that. There are beautiful beaches with warm, sunny climates much nearer home.

No, Egypt holidays are ideal for those who want to come home from their holiday having done things they couldn’t do at home, and feeling enriched in mind and spirit even if they are a bit impoverished in the pocket for a while afterwards.

The fact is that there is so much to experience and to learn in the land of the pharaohs that however many holidays to Egypt you take you’ll always come back having done or learned something different from your previous trips. You’ll be doing all this in the warm, sunny climate of North Africa too. Egypt has it all!

Whereabouts in Egypt is the best place to head for? That’s a tough question, there are so many places of interest. Holidays to Luxor are very popular, it being so handy for the Valley of The Kings and the Pyramids and all the other temples and monuments.

Luxor has plenty to offer in its own right. It was the ancient city of Thebes which was the great capital of Egypt in the time of the New Kingdom. It was the glorious city of the God, Amon Ra. Even today, coming from the UK, you feel as though you’ve wandered into another world as you stroll around the bazaars and soak up the atmosphere.

From here you can even take a trip in a balloon over the Valley of The Kings to get a completely different perspective on the amazing structures. That could be very useful if you’re only on a short visit!

But that’s just Luxor. Everywhere you go in Egypt you’re surrounded by history and relics of the great civilisation that flourished here so many centuries ago.

One of the great features of Egypt of course is the River Nile. For many years regarded as the World’s longest river, though these days many say it’s actually second to the Amazon if you care about that sort of argument, it is the reason for Egypt’s existence.

The effect of that is that all of Egypt’s civilisations have grown up and faded away in their turn along a relatively narrow strip of land on each side of the river. That means that most of the places of interest are within easy reach of the river.

One exception to that is the city of Sharm el Sheikh which is on the shore of the Red sea. It‘s a very popular resort and for anyone who wants to go diving in Egypt it’s the place to go. If you’re not a diver already what better place to learn than in the warm waters of the Red Sea?

Going back to the Nile, and in Egypt you’re never far away from it, it is a feature you can make good use of on your holiday. As long as people have lived in Egypt, which is about as long as they’ve lived anywhere, the Nile has provided a ready made natural highway to enable people and goods to travel about the country. Ever since holidays to Egypt first became popular, many years ago now, Nile cruises have been a favourite way to see and enjoy the sights and local culture.

Cruising the Nile can be done in a number of ways. Anyone familiar with Agatha Christie’s, “Death on the Nile,” especially one of the film versions, will recognise the large river steamers that carry numerous passengers in style and elegance stopping off at all the places of interest. That’s a wonderful way to see Egypt in comfort.

If you’d rather get closer to the working life of the country and its atmosphere and character, you can. Sail the river in a traditional Felucca, one of the few types of working sailing vessels still in everyday use earning their keep. You’ll soon appreciate how the winds and the river currents are used to advantage by these sailors using skills and knowledge handed down from generation to generation for thousands of years.

Egypt holidays frequently start and finish in Cairo, “the city of a thousand minarets,” as it has been called. Then as you follow the Nile you won’t miss anything, since most places of interest are situated close to the river. Either when you arrive or before you leave, you’ll want to spend time exploring the fascinating city of Cairo itself.

If you don’t see everything this time, never mind. You’ll be back for more!

Let It Snow, Let It Snow! Some Christmas Holidays To Make Sure of a White Christmas

Are you dreaming of a white Christmas? Well, if you get your skates on it’s not too late to book a Christmas holiday in a country where snow’s guaranteed.

Addicted to travel offer a number of Christmas holidays for families or for couples holidaying on their own or in small groups. Lapland holidays will always provide a white Christmas and the children will love going to the home of Father Christmas.

Even if Santa holidays leave you cold don’t worry, there’s a lot more to Lapland than Santa Clause. Travel by sled drawn by a team of huskies to some of the more remote parts of Finland or northern Norway. Explore the dramatic mountains and fjords by land or sea. Addicted to Travel offer holidays including all these activities.

Christmas holidays that take you north of the Arctic circle not only guarantee that you’ll enjoy a white Christmas. They’ll give you a Christmas that’s quite different to what you’re used to yet still very traditional. If you’re lucky enough to experience the right weather conditions, that is if the night sky is clear and the temperature drops low enough, you may be privileged to witness one of the wonders of the natural world, the Aurora borealis or Northern Lights. Just be careful the lights don’t take you away as, according to local legend, they just might!

Many Northern lights holidays will provide opportunities to take part in a number of activities during the short winter days. That way you won’t need to spend the precious daylight hours just waiting for night to fall with the chance of seeing the aurora.

If you’re a family of skiing enthusiasts the Lapland-Aurora Chalet and Northern Lights holiday gives you 8 days in the village of Luosto in Finnish Lapland. It’s a small ski resort set in the fells of Central Lapland. There you can experience genuine wilderness from the warmth and comfort of your individual log cabin.

You might fancy a five day Finnish Husky Safari across the snowfields of the Pallas-Ounas National Park. If you would see Addicted to Travel’s Lapland-Harriniva Husky Safari. This winter husky adventure is actually an 8 day holiday.

Those are just a couple of examples of the Lapland holidays offered by Addicted to Travel. There are lots more and they all make fantastic Santa holidays.

Volunteer Work Holidays: Give Something Back...

At first sight the idea of a work holiday may seem contradictory. Surely the idea of a holiday is to do anything but work isn’t it? Well yes and no really. It isn’t as clear cut as that. When you consider what constitutes work and what doesn’t you find you’re in quite a grey area. Think about it. Do you play football at the weekends? If so is that work? No it’s sport, a leisure activity. Wayne Rooney plays football on a Saturday. Is that a leisure activity? No it’s work because playing football is what Wayne does for a living.

So if you turned professional, football would no longer be a leisure activity for you! It works the other way as well. One person’s work is another’s fun. Volunteer holidays give you an opportunity to go to new places and do things you wouldn’t normally do, so that’s not really work is it? Lots of holidays give you that of course but the difference with volunteer holidays is that what you’re doing benefits someone else.

For example if you volunteer in Africa you might be helping to provide a clean water supply to a rural community or helping to teach in a village school in a deprived area. Sadly Africa’s full of those! If wildlife conservation’s your particular interest there’s plenty of help needed out there.

Of course you don’t have to volunteer in Africa. There’s plenty of opportunities to give a hand in Asia, India, and many other parts of the world. There are quite a few organisations looking for volunteer help in the UK if you you’re worried about your carbon footprint or simply don’t like flying.

Most volunteer holidays are taken abroad because that’s where there’s so much to be done. Traditionally it’s been mostly young people taking gap years between school and further education who’ve embraced the idea but that’s changing. The idea of a gap year for grown ups is catching on and why not? Where young people bring to the party energy and idealism, the older folk bring skills of all kinds including the life skills that we hope maturity will bring.

Many people are finding that they can negotiate a year away from work, or maybe a bit less than that. Others decide to spend their first year of retirement helping on some worthwhile project, especially if they’ve taken early retirement. These days a great many people when they retire are still full of energy and enthusiasm and are not yet ready for a rocking chair! A gap year for grown ups is perfect for people like that.

Young or old on volunteer holidays you’ll be working for nothing, in fact it’ll cost you money to do it but that’s not what it’s about. You’ll gain immeasurably in so many other ways. You’ll go to places you’d never go to otherwise. You’ll learn new skills and make loads of new friends. You can’t really put a price on the things you’ll gain from the experience. However grown up you are you’ll grow up some more.

When you volunteer in Africa or in Asia, South America or wherever, you’ll live and work among people whose lives are far removed from your life back home. You’ll learn to understand and appreciate their values and probably re-think your own.

Whatever age you are you’ll almost certainly come back changed in some way. You’ll have a greater understanding of the world and its people if nothing else. Not only will it be the most amazing experience. It’ll be an experience that is sure to stay with you and influence you for the rest of your days.

Beyond Machu Picchu, The True Peru Experience.

Holidays to Peru can take many forms to suit a variety of interests. Tours to Peru are probably the most popular form of Peru holidays where everything is organised as a package. Time spent with the map of Peru beforehand will be time well spent.

Peru travel tours are not all the same by any means. Trekking Peru is a wonderful way of getting up close to everything and with the help of your Peru travel guide you won’t miss anything.

Peru holidays must include tours of Machu Picchu, the fabled lost city of the Incas. Indeed so absorbing is this site that holidays to Machu Picchu alone are not unknown. A map of Machu Picchu will be a great help here.

Apart from those planning a gap year Peru time will be limited for most visitors and no holiday in Peru would be complete without visiting Machu Picchu there is much more to Peru. Following the Inca trail to such gems as Lake Titicaca, the highest commercially navigable lake in the world for instance. There you can tour the lake and its islands by boat. Have a look at a map of Lake Titicaca so you’ll know where are.

Tour Cuzco the regional capital which dates from even before the Incas. Use a map of Cuzco to find the historic sites. There are many things to do in Cuzco but our tour Peru still has more to show you. Bring a map of Lima, the capital because there’s a lot to see there. Tours in Lima are available and are well worth taking.

So you see your adventure Peru can be so much more than just adventure Machu Picchu. Just look at a map of Inca trail and you’ll see that trips to Machu Picchu are just part of it.

The rivers are an excellent way to travel Peru and it has so many, mostly tributaries and branches of the mighty Amazon. Rafting Peru is yet another eco-friendly option offered by Addicted to Travel.

Travel to Peru with Addicted to Travel and you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing that your tour company takes its responsibility to care for the environment and provide sustainable tourism very seriously. It’s a long way to Peru but well worth the journey.

Exams over! What next? What about Camps in Africa?

The last couple of months have been nothing but exams, so apart from waiting fro your results what do you do next? - Let us assist you with that…

Picture this - waking up in Camp Tanzania looking up to Kilimanjaro as your first view of the day. Working on Community projects with the local children at Mbokomu and Kidia schools and then rewarding your hard work by sitting around a camp fire with a cold beer, swapping stories with your fellow camp mates and looking ahead to your coming Safari and trip to Zanzibar.

Or maybe Camp Kenya would be more your thing, looking out on the amazing views at Mwaluganje Elephant Sanctuary, reflecting on the time you have spent and have yet to spend helping in the Community and at Chanukeni Orphanage, assisting Primate and Marine Conservation and strolling along the white shores of Diani beach.

Whatever way you look at it, our programmes in Kenya and Tanzania provide the perfect getaway – a mental escape, which could soon be reality. As an added bonus our programmes look fantastic on your CV for work and UCAS applications.

So 'bahati njema!' (Good luck!) if you still have any exams to sit but stay focused on how you can reward yourself for all that hard work!

The great news is that we still have some availability for summer departures so get that booking form in and have a goal to aim for.

Andean Adventures In Peru

Everyone knows that Paddington Bear arrived in England from Deepest Darkest Peru. That description of his homeland arises from the dense, brooding rainforests covering large areas of the country but of course that’s only part of what makes holidays to Peru so special.

There are the mighty Andes mountains rising up out of the dark green blanket of jungle and the rivers, notably the incomparable Amazon that for centuries were the only way into the heartland of the country. As if the breathtaking scenery alone were not enough to make Peru Holidays the most unforgettable you could ever experience there’s more. There’s the romance and history of the country. The Incas and the Spanish Conquistadores have left us the most intriguing relics to remind us of their dramatic stories.

If hiking is your thing you can go Trekking Peru and follow ancient tracks to the Sacred Valley of the Incas and visit Machu Picchu, the lost city of the Incas which sits on a high saddle between two much higher peaks in the mountains North West of Cuzco. Here you begin to get some idea of the mighty empire of the Incas and the advanced civilisation they created so long ago.

The ruins you gaze at today in awe and wonder lay hidden from the eyes of outsiders for centuries before being re-discovered as recently as 1911 by an archaeologist from Yale University in the United States, one Hiram Bingham. It’s due to his efforts, and it must have been tremendous undertaking especially back then, that you’re able to see this wonder of the ancient world today and from it learn so much about the Incas and their way of life. So remember old Hiram and his companions.

Not far from the Urubamba valley, known as the Sacred Valley, lies the Regional Capital, Cusco, often spelled “Cuzco”. This city was the capital of the Inca Empire from about the 1200s to 1535 when it was sacked by the conquistadores led by Francisco Pizarro.

Although several of the buildings erected by the conquistadores were practically destroyed in a severe earthquake in 1950 most of the old Inca structures survived and their remains can be seen to this day. Your Andean adventure should certainly include a visit to this city where modern life goes on amid so much history.

High in the Andes you must find your way to the highest commercially navigable lake in the world, lake Titicaca, 12,507 feet (3,812m if you must) above sea level. It’s also the largest lake in South America in terms of volume of water. As you gaze across the lake from Peru the next land on the far side is Bolivia. You can take excursions by boat on the lake and explore its islands.

Of course all of these well known sites such as Machu Picchu and Cuzco, so rich in Inca heritage and Lake Titicaca too are unmissable visits for all Peru holidays but they are still only part of what this incredible country has to offer.

One feature you can’t miss of course because of its sheer size is the mighty Amazon. Whether it’s the longest river in the world or the second longest seems to be the subject of some debate. What is certain is that it’s the largest in terms of volume of water flow. In fact one fifth of all the water that flows along all the world’s rivers flows down the Amazon.

The mouth of the Amazon is in Brazil on the Atlantic coast of South America while its source is in Peru so anywhere in Peru is a long way upstream. Nevertheless the river in Peru is already large enough for quite large vessels to use it and it has long been the easiest means of access to large areas of the country. Today trekking Peru usually involves travelling by boat at least some of the time.

You can spend a whole holiday in Peru on and near to the Amazon or one of its many tributaries. Kayaking is very popular for those who want to get really close to nature but if comfort is more your thing there are various cruises on the rivers with knowledgeable local guides.

In Peru as elsewhere in South America the rainforests are under threat from various factors and you won’t want to add to the problems. Tourism has to be sustainable in these sensitive areas so when you look for a holiday company which organises Peru holidays it’s important to choose one that can demonstrate its commitment to sustainability in all its activities.

Peru is a long way away from the UK so make your journey worthwhile by allowing yourself as much time there as possible. It’ll be an experience you will never forget.

Kenyan travel safety tips

Africa has to be the ultimate destination. For tourists that come from different parts of the world it can be a beautiful and fascinating place. All sorts of travelers are visiting Africa nowadays, students on their gap year, cultural tourists, people on volunteer work holidays as well as the more traditional safari. It is, however, important to take some safety and security precautions while enjoying your African holiday.

To ensure that everything goes smoothly during your time in Africa you need to consider a few safety areas; insurance, medical, food & drink, money, security and specific to safaris, how to stay safe in the bush. I’ll run through these issues below:


It is vital that anyone visiting Africa have comprehensive medical insurance before leaving their country of residence. Travel insurance should also include cover for loss of baggage, third party liability, cancellation and curtailment etc.


Nowadays travelers' checks and major credit cards are readily accepted in most African countries. It is suggested that you only carry a small amount of cash otherwise you can potentially be a target for thieves.

If changing currency it is important to always use authorized dealers and banks to get the best rates.


Keep a note of your passport number in a different bag or item of clothing to your actual passport. You should also find a secure location separate from the rest of your luggage for your airline tickets and travelers' checks while visiting any African country.


Many African countries are prone to a variety of diseases that are not typically encountered in other parts of the world.

For legal reasons I cannot tell you which injections you have to have when travelling to Africa, however, I can advise you. Yellow fever, Hepititis A & B and typhoid are recommended. It is important that you consult your local Doctor who will advise you based on your medical history. Other injections that are advisable are Polio, Tetanus, Meningitis.

When it comes to malaria I t is advisable to contact your GP and they will advise you on the best anti-malarial tablets for you. It is advisable that you try them out before you go to see if you have any side effects. If this is the case then you have plenty of time to change the course.

It is also advisable to take a mosquito net and or mosquito repellent with you.


Of course Africa is a vast continent and different countries and regions vary but the following advice should keep you safe wherever you visit.

Try to drink mineral or bottled water while on a trip to Africa. Also any bottled alcoholic or soft drink should also be perfectly safe. A word of warning about the consumption of alcohol to those from colder climates. Alcohol is likely to affect you to a far greater degree when in hot climates (such as most of Africa) so be more careful with what you drink.


African holidays can be amazing experience for any wildlife lover, however care needs to be taken when on safari. Probably most importantly avoid walking in the bush alone and always seek guidance of a local person when exploring the countryside on foot.

It should go without saying that you should keep your distance from wild animals. However as tourists die every year due to not taking the correct precautions while on safari it is clearly worth repeating a few common sense precautions.

Firstly it is always recommended to have a guide when viewing wildlife on foot. As stated above keep your distance, for most animals this may be as far as 20m or more. Additionally you should be careful not to make any sudden movements or loud noises. Finally if the animals in question are getting agitated move away slowly and if you have a car get back in.

That covers the basics, there are likely to be precautions that need to be taken that are specific to the local area, so be sure to find out as much as you can about the country you are visiting before you go.

Finally, wherever you go in Africa, have fun and be safe.

10 Amazing ways to experience South Africa

Just to mention the word South Africa Safari conjures up images of trekking through the bush in a solar topee on foot with a local guide to keep you safe and show all the big game in its natural surroundings.

The reality today is rather easier on the feet and you’ll probably see more as well. A Safari in South Africa is only one way to experience what this great country has to offer. Holidays to Cape Town provide a base from which to visit the Cape itself as well as a Kruger safari in the famous Kruger National Park. Not all the wildlife is to be found inland. A Kruger Park safari is a great way to see lions and wildebeest and such amazing animals but how about sharks. Shark diving South Africa will open up a whole new world under the sea.

Shark cage diving Cape Town is a must for those drawn to the world beneath the ocean. Cage diving South Africa is a well organised activity and safety is assured. Safari Cape Town to Shark diving Cape Town, it’s the city that has everything!

A gap year South Africa will keep anyone fully occupied for the whole year and what an fantastic experience. Addicted to Travel are the people to talk to about such a venture. Time is rather more limited for most travellers so escorted tours South Africa will be the best way to make the best use of what time is available.

A wilderness South Africa Safari is a wonderful way to get out and about in the interior and see what this country is really all about for most of us, the wildlife. It’s not just for the rugged explorer and survival expert either, although the Bush is still a place to treat with great respect just like the sea. Family safaris South Africa enable more everyday folk to experience and appreciate the wonders of Bush and Veldt.

Whatever holiday in South Africa appeals, travel to South Africa with Addicted to Travel and you can relax knowing that they’ll take care of everything.

If you are looking to explore the most amazing places on planet earth, then visit Addicted to Travel and discuss your travel requirements directly with highly knowledgeable people who actually live and operate in the very destination you wish to visit.