Morocco Holidays

Morocco holidays are perfect for those who seek cultural activities, adventure holidays, trips and tours. Situated between in the north of Africa, Morocco is one of the most stimulating and awe-inspiring travel destinations on earth.

Morocco has a great climate, a rich heritage, a wealth of antiquities, over 1800 km of dramatic coastline, with its high peaks and a vast Saharan wilderness of desert dunes. With its rich traditions Morocco is a place for escape, for experience, for adventure, for revitalisation and for reconnection with a lifestyle fast disappearing in the developed world.

For many travellers Marrakech is the main gateway. This fascinating city is getting the attention it has always deserved. Marrakesh holidays are a fantastic Moroccan experience with bustling souks, a plenty of ancient attractions, lush gardens and the fabled medieval square of Djemma el Fna with its acrobats, snake-charmers and musicians. And not to forget the snow-capped peaks of the Atlas Mountains which make a stunning back drop to the city, it is no wonder that many travellers return time and time again for their Morocco holiday.

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