Let It Snow, Let It Snow! Some Christmas Holidays To Make Sure of a White Christmas

Are you dreaming of a white Christmas? Well, if you get your skates on it’s not too late to book a Christmas holiday in a country where snow’s guaranteed.

Addicted to travel offer a number of Christmas holidays for families or for couples holidaying on their own or in small groups. Lapland holidays will always provide a white Christmas and the children will love going to the home of Father Christmas.

Even if Santa holidays leave you cold don’t worry, there’s a lot more to Lapland than Santa Clause. Travel by sled drawn by a team of huskies to some of the more remote parts of Finland or northern Norway. Explore the dramatic mountains and fjords by land or sea. Addicted to Travel offer holidays including all these activities.

Christmas holidays that take you north of the Arctic circle not only guarantee that you’ll enjoy a white Christmas. They’ll give you a Christmas that’s quite different to what you’re used to yet still very traditional. If you’re lucky enough to experience the right weather conditions, that is if the night sky is clear and the temperature drops low enough, you may be privileged to witness one of the wonders of the natural world, the Aurora borealis or Northern Lights. Just be careful the lights don’t take you away as, according to local legend, they just might!

Many Northern lights holidays will provide opportunities to take part in a number of activities during the short winter days. That way you won’t need to spend the precious daylight hours just waiting for night to fall with the chance of seeing the aurora.

If you’re a family of skiing enthusiasts the Lapland-Aurora Chalet and Northern Lights holiday gives you 8 days in the village of Luosto in Finnish Lapland. It’s a small ski resort set in the fells of Central Lapland. There you can experience genuine wilderness from the warmth and comfort of your individual log cabin.

You might fancy a five day Finnish Husky Safari across the snowfields of the Pallas-Ounas National Park. If you would see Addicted to Travel’s Lapland-Harriniva Husky Safari. This winter husky adventure is actually an 8 day holiday.

Those are just a couple of examples of the Lapland holidays offered by Addicted to Travel. There are lots more and they all make fantastic Santa holidays.

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Anonymous said...

That is a great idea to go to Lapland at this time of year. I have been there last year with my mates at it was ..oh my God..!!!

We went on Husky Safari and this year we are going to do something similar, maybe the Cabin Adventure?

I strongly recommend the Christmas holidays. You will remember it as a unusual winter treat.