Australian Culture

Australia is the sixth largest country in the world so as you can imagine has a huge range of different cultures and landscapes all waiting to be explored!

Cultural tours in Australia are a fantastic experience and include exploring Ayers Rock in the Northern Territory, this huge world heritage site provides evidence that suggests that Aboriginal people have lived there for at least 22,000 years, now there are many walking tours you can do or driving safaris on offer to explore this fascinating area!

There is also plenty of driving tours or safaris you can embark on from Adelaide to Melbourne, Alice Springs to Adelaide or Darwin each tour allows you to see the wonderful scenery that this beautiful country offers learning more about the Australian culture and wilderness on the way, or there are many capes and gorges to explore all over Australia by road, boat or even swimming!

You would need to spend a very long time exploring Australia before you even scratch its surface from rainforests to deserts, four wheel driving tours to mountain treks, camel riding to kayaking it is all here!

Australia tours can all be extremely different and whatever you want to see or explore there is always a tour in Australia for you!

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