Cycling in India

When you usually think of a holiday to India you don’t always think Immediately India cycling holiday, but in fact cycling holidays in India have become increasingly popular and are a great and responsible way to explore this diverse country.

There are plenty of tours on offer for all abilities and you will find yourself riding through Rajasthani villages, tropical forests or even in the Himalayas! By cycling your way through India you will be able to get a fantastic insight into everyday life as you meet the locals and experience the culture.

In the north of India you will be met with diverse regions and plenty to see, including the bustling capital Delhi along with the Jaipur and Agra. But perhaps the highlight would be a cycle tour through Rajasthan and seeing the mesmerising Taj Mahal!

One of the biggest cycling adventure and challenge you could do is a cycle trip through the Himalayan Kingdom; there are many trails you can take depending on your ability and experience. These cycle tours will take you to explore the low Kathmandu Valley then up to and around the entire Annapurna Massif!

Cycling is made ever more enjoyable when you are able to see some of the world’s most famous and beautiful sites. Whatever level you cycle at there is a cycling holiday in India waiting for you!


Anonymous said...

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