Morocco - Wilderness Adventures

When we think about a Morocco Holiday we usually think bustling cities, bright colours, souks and markets, well you would be right, but Morocco also has a few hidden gems away from the cities all across the country just waiting to be explored.

From the north to south there is so much to see and plenty of tours, follow sparking coastlines or cross deserts by car or by camel. One of Morocco’s biggest features is the Sahara Desert and is a remarkable natural attraction to explore; being the second largest desert in the world after Antarctica it covers most of northern Africa and stretches into Morocco bordering the Atlas Mountains. Naturally this attracts lots of tourists every year and there are many Sahara Desert tours and trips to help you explore this vast area including four wheel driving tours, camel trekking safaris, quad biking and desert walks and trekking.

Another fantastic feature of Morocco are the Atlas Mountains, being the biggest mountain range in North Africa they are hardly hidden away but are vastly unexplored and often just considered a stunning back drop to the bustling city of Marrakesh.

There are actually small but thriving villages in the High Atlas with extremely friendly and hospitable residents offering stylish and traditional Moroccan accommodation, so your Morocco holiday will be filled with genuine Moroccan culture. If you are not staying in the High Atlas there are plenty of tours and trips in which you can explore the mountains, in the West and East hiking tours are extremely popular, where as the central High Atlas are popular for rock climbing and trekking.

Whatever you are into a holiday to Morocco exploring its beautiful wilderness will be sure not to disappoint!

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