House Parties in Marrakech and Morocco

In 2010 Marrakech and Morocco hotels and riads are experiencing an increase in the number of ‘special occasion’ celebrations where entire hotel or riad are taken over by a group party.

The house parties are proving popular for 40th and 50th birthday celebrations but also for Christmas, Easter breaks and exclusive hen parties.

The popularity of house parties in Morocco is down to the tightening of personal budgets, which means that group parties further abroad can be too expensive for at least some of the guests invited. Morocco however offers a more economic option for group celebration while still being exotic, stylish and, true to its decadent roots, well geared for partying.

Marrakech in particular offers a wide range of hotels and riads of 3-15 rooms that are ideal for house party celebrations. These Morocco hotels and riads elegantly presented, have trained staff teams on hand, and offer highly attractive rates in a competitive year for bookings.

Marrakech hotels and riads which welcome group parties include Riad el Mezouar, Riad Zina, Riad El Cadi, Riad Ksiba, Riad Dar Sbihi and hotels Tigmi and Zitoune.

The cost to hire an entire riad or small hotel in Morocco depends on the quality and size of the property in question as well as the time of the year. However, the cost of highly competitive when compared to Mediterranean or other locations abroad.

Alternative venues in Morocco that are even more unusual than Marrakech include riads in the ancient city of Fez, kasbahs at the edge of the Sahara desert or houses on the windswept but sunny Atlantic coast in towns such as Essaouira and Rabat

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